Our Story

When Dr. Mindy Stevens decided to open Sunnybrook Dental in 2008, she had a vision for a state-of-the-art dental office with massaging dental chairs, satellite TV and all the amenities a patient could want. She wanted the clinic’s patients to feel comfortable and enjoy their visit to the dentist. After all, Dr. Stevens is committed to making every patient’s dental visit a positive one by providing a combination of exceptional care, cutting edge technology and modern comforts.

The office specializes in treating patients of all ages. She enjoys working with patients young and old, from infants to the elderly. Stevens and her team at Sunnybrook Dental are dedicated to providing patients with unsurpassed care, by continually upgrading the practice and the team knowledge with the latest techniques and approaches to comfortable and personalized dental care.

Sunnybrook Dental was designed to be progressive, relaxing and functional. Dr. Stevens consistently and continually makes room in her schedule to help serve children in our community that do not have access to dental care. A project she is very proud of is the annual Give Kids A Smile event. She believes it is important to be proactive with oral care and makes special efforts to visit Siouxland schools, educating children on hygiene techniques and oral health.

Our Community

Sioux City is our home. It’s where we raise our kids and enjoy time with our families. That is why we commit as a staff at Sunnybrook Dental to give back to our community.

Children continue to be a passion to Sunnybrook staff, and not because we are all moms, but because we love making a difference in a child’s life. It’s why Dr. Mindy Stevens sits on the board for Children’s Museum of Siouxland. It’s why we do “Give Kids a Smile Day” and participate in organizations in our community.

Making Siouxland a better place is important to all of us and we will continue to do our part in this great community we call home.

Here are stories about our local involvement.