Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sunnybrook Dental different from other dental practices in town?
What makes our practice stand out are the people who work here. Their commitment to caring for our patients and their warm personalities create a friendly atmosphere. Unlike the large practices and chain corporate dental clinics that delegate most of the treatment to assistants and have a different clinician provide patient treatment at different appointments, at SBD, every patient is seen by our dentists. Communication is vital to family dental care. We encourage your feedback to make it a 2 way street! If you are unhappy for any reason, tell us: if you like us, tell your friends!  We know that our success is 100% dependent of how we treat our patients and manage their care.


What if I have an emergency?
If you have a dental emergency, just give Sunnybrook Dental a call.  If this emergency occurs during business hours, we will get you scheduled to be seen as soon as possible.  If the emergency happens on the weekend at night, we do have an emergency phone number for our patients to reach Dr. Stevens; please call 712-274-2338.


What if I need to reschedule an appointment?
If you have a scheduled appointment and need to reschedule that appointment, just give our office a call at 712-274-2338 and we can find a time that works better for you to be seen.


I’ve got a 4-year-old who’s going to need a dentist soon.  She’s terrified-do you know how to work with little kids?
Don’t worry, we know how scary a trip to the dentist can seem to a little one.  Dr. Stevens is great with children.  We have iPads full of fun games and some great “kid friendly” stations that are sure to help relax you child.


I’m sure there is paperwork I need to file before my 1st appointment.  Can I get that done ahead of time?
Yes!  New patients should select the “New Patient” tab on the website and from there the forms can be digitally completed and submitted.  Existing patients have their own tab and from here they can log in to review treatment plans, account balances and update health histories.  Much of the information will only need to be entered once and will automatically be applied to the other members of your family.  For those that prefer paper, we also provide downloadable forms.


Do you Accept Referrals?
Yes!  In fact we say “Thank You” in some pretty great ways to those that refer us.  Referrals are the biggest compliment a patient can give us and we go out of our way to repay the compliment.